What languages are the letters offered in:

At this time, we only offer Mr. Quinley Adventures in English. More languages to come soon!

What if I want to subscribe more than one child?

To receive letters for multiple children, you have two options:
1. Subscribe each child individually. Choosing this option will result in receiving separate letters so that each child receives their own personalized letter. The stories will be the same.
2. Add more than one name to one letter subscription to share. Follow the format below.
Example for 2 children...
First Name: Eric & Janine
Last Name: Smith
Nickname: Eric & Janine
RESULT: "Dear Eric & Janine,..."

Example for 3+ children...
First Name: Smith
Last Name: Kids
Nickname: Smith Kids or children or... (this will be the name used in the story

What if my kid wants to write back to Annabelle?

At this time, we are unable to respond to letters written back to Annabelle. Your best option is to explain to your child that Annabelle is in the middle of traveling and doesn’t have a mailing address.

What age group is this for?

The experience is best suited for ages 3-6.

When will my letters arrive?

You will receive letters twice a month. There is no exact day they will arrive, which serves to build excitement while your child waits for the mail! Check our instagram stories @mr.quinley to get notified when the letters are on their way 🙂

An adventure awaits in every envelope

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