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Meet Mr. Quinley & Annabelle Button

Mr. Quinley

Mr. Quinley is the great uncle (twice removed on his mother’s side) of the precocious Annabelle Button.

A rather odd sort of gentleman, he is a mix of magic and mayhem. He dresses impeccably with a top hat and pocket watch (one, or both, of which may be enchanted because white rabbits keep appearing out of nowhere) but he is always losing his left shoe! Then there is his moustache, which is always crooked. And his monocle, which doesn’t have any glass in it. But one thing is for sure – he always has a bit of magic up his sleeve… and on Tuesday at 2pm in the afternoon he will introduce Annabelle to this magic as well, and open up a world where ships fly and rhinoceroses dance. A world that may be in danger if Mr. Quinley and Annabelle don’t set things right soon!

Annabelle Button

Annabelle Button is the orphaned niece of Mr. Quinley, an eccentric gentleman who is about to adopt her and change her life forever.

But she doesn’t know this – not until that fateful Tuesday at 2pm in the afternoon. Until that day all Annabelle knows is that she is an orphan, left on the doorsteps of the Ms. Nell’s Orphanage for Girls as a baby, with nothing but a brass button to her name. This button is no ordinary button, however, just as Annabelle is no ordinary girl. With a quick wit, a curious mind, and a streak of bravery that shines as brilliant as her curly red hair Annabelle is heir to a family secret… a secret steeped in magic and adventure, one that needs to be guarded or the world may never know this kind of magic again!

Join in on their adventures as they explore far-off lands, solve curious mysteries, discover hidden treasures, and stumble upon ancient magics.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Step 2:

Receive letters written by Annabelle Button addressed to your child every two weeks.

Step 3:

Enjoy the excitement of receiving letters and sharing them with your child.

An adventure awaits in every envelope

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